Прошивка IMX51 BBG

16.04.2018 в 15:39

Please read the first sentence at the top of this post again - if you are certain you have a two speaker no screws clone, click here to download the two speaker version of the XAUMOD firmware. I like thenew lay-out, but this is a serious problem. Help Me With A Power off your tablet. I can put the old touchboard in the unit and touch will work but the calibration is off an inch or so.

Так с чего же начать прошивку IMX51 BBG? Для начала необходимо провести подготовительные мероприятия. Создайте на диске C: папку "Firmware", скачайте и распакуйте в нее архив с новой прошивкой, драйверами и программой SP FlashTool ver.2.800. Затем приступаем к изучению пошаговой инструкции по прошивке девайса и следуя ей заливаем новую прошивку в память IMX51 BBG.

Скачать прошивку для imx51 bbg

You should see the recovery menu when the tablet has booted. Hold down the menu and home keys while turning on your tablet. Power off your tablet.

Giayu G3 Прошивка

So is there an answer to this? Assume you had already built uboot.

If you do want to use the normal version bootloader with 1KB padding at the head of binfile , you can do as below. Fortunately, this tool is delivered together with uboot. If you have screen jitter ts.


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